About ABP

We’re a “classic rock” coverband from the Merrimack Valley (Southern New Hampshire, Northeastern Massachusetts) playing music from AC/DC, Aerosmith, Alice in Chains, Bad Company, The Black Crowes, Black Sabbath, Collective Soul, Foo Fighters, Sammy Hagar, Billy Idol, Judas Priest, Eddie Money, Billy Squier, Three Doors Down, Van Halen, Velvet Revolver, Neil Young, ZZ Top and more. In other words, “Toe-Tapping, Head-Banging, Ass-Shaking Rock and Roll!”

John Swartz (Bass Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals, Godzilla-Keeper)

Neither growing up on a farm nor an MIT education could prepare John Swartz for the life of a rock and roller. While his love for playing music became at a young age (playing the French Horn in grade school; and becoming his church’s organist during high school), seeing KISS perform at the height of their popularity when he was 13 changed his life forever.  Aside from playing in two garage bands in high school (where he first picked up a bass guitar, after having been a keyboard player), John’s real indoctrination to playing in a rock band would happen nearly 30 years after that first concert, when he helped form a local cover band known as “SIX”. A few years later, John was invited to some local open mics and jams and met new musicians. In 2012, at one of these open mics, he met Kevin Marino, and they’ve been in bands together ever since – including “Glass-Eyed Monkey”, “The Rochoholics”, “The Irregulars”, “Sonic Euphoria”, and most recently “The Angry Balls Project”.

Kevin “The Hitman” Marino (Drums, Lead and Backing Vocals, Broken Drumsticks)

The story of Kevin Marino is shrouded in secrecy. Rumor has it that Googling him will return a completely blank page in your web browser, and repeated attempts will crash your computer (or cause your mobile device to explode). Even his bandmates can’t tell you if “The Hitman” refers to his proficiency on the drumkit or something more sinister – they don’t ask – they just don’t… Having been in various local bands north of Boston over the past few decades, logos for his former bands *The Midnight Dogz* and *Star Bird* still adorn the band’s current practice space.   Reasons for the break-ups of those groups have been widely speculated, and rumors that it was due to someone touching Kevin’s drums can not be confirmed…or denied… Kevin also played drums and sang in the local blues-rock band *On The Screws* – is the name a loose reference to “putting the screws to” someone?  We don’t know, and we don’t ask – we just don’t…

Andrew Sexton (Guitar, Backing Vocals, Assorted Effects)

The “new kid” in the band, Andrew brings youthful energy and a killer sound to ABP. Previously he was rocking out the Merrimack Valley in the cover band, “Sinister Sister”, and after a rigorous screening process with nearly a dozen other guitarists who wanted to audition for the band, Andrew has been selected as the full-time guitarist for the band.  Along with his tremendous shredding ability, Andrew has added to the band’s promotion with his graphic design/photography/videography skills.


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